Lore: Dran Recalls Castle Arrival

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It came from the sky, it did. I’ll write down just exactly what happened for the history books, for whoever will believe it. I was walkin’ along and I felt something change in the air. It had been raining for days, but just like that, a giant storm started up outta nowhere. Waves taller than the sky and ear-splitting lightning and the ground shaking and breaking apart and all of that type of thing. Then I look up and I see it. The castle spinning and floating down from the sky until plop! It starts falling down and I says, “Get those haughty, high-dwelling Dran if you gotta get anyone!” And sure enough, at my command, the castle kind of nods and flies off and smooshes the Dran in the upper city flat as paper. And that’s how the king of the Dran and his castle came to be here.