Lore: Dran Inventor's Journal

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Godsdamned Howeth. Thinks his inventions are better than mine. What’s anyone going to do with a saw that big? Fit for a factory maybe, but not the common Dran.

You’re just too puny and weak, he says. Stupid, ugly Howeth. Well I says HIS head is awfully BIG for such a puny mind. Oaf. Brute. CLOD.

It finally works. Made a rifle to hunt fowl in flight, uses a special kind of shell I designed MYSELF. See, my inventions are useful, unlike my brainless brother’s. And mine are


Can’t think over the sound of that bloody saw.

That’ll teach Howeth to laugh at my rifle. Thought his saw was so good huh? Well which one of us is full of a hundred holes? Stupid lump. I’ll never hear him or that blasted saw ever again.