Lore: Dran Hightown Journal

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Everyone is gone. Dearest Mother, Father, even poor Ives... I think they are all dead. The manor is in absolute ruin. That terrible, wicked castle destroyed everything!

Oh, I have never been alone before. What ever shall I do?

Ives did not permit me to visit the docks before. He said they are not fit for a fanciful lady like me, that I should not be made to bear such dreadful scenery and noisome stenches. But what else am I to do? I must find something to eat soon, or I will surely perish.

I did it, I journeyed to the docks all by my lonesome today. I met an acolyte there. He was kind. He told me that I would be safe from now on, that the king would protect me. That this One True King descended from on high to save us all! Oh, but I have always been told, “Do not ever listen to hapless dock-dwellers!” So, I am not certain I believe such things...

But Ives was right, of course. I cannot stand the stench of fish!

It is all making sense now! I visited the acolyte again, and he told me that Mother and Father kept me trapped in that dusty old manor because they knew I was special. All this time! He said they wanted to keep me away from the savior king, and that is why the king levigated the manor—to set me free. To think, even dear Ives was part of their clever scheming! I always knew I was meant for something more, beyond the manor walls.

I have come to say good-bye to the manor for the last time. Good-bye to Mother and Father and Ives, good-bye to my old life, good-bye to you too, my dear diary! I will join the king in his gilded castle with the other Dran. I will live like a princess. Oh, it is a fairytale come true!