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Sister first of the Four.

The warrior of light.

The ether and the matter of the Four.

The great transformer of the Four.

The fleet footed incarnation of Life.

The fanged incarnation of Death.


They called it THE RAVAGER, a beast with fur as black as sackcloth, and teeth dyed red as blood. It made no more than mutton of the bravest warrior. Fear fell like night. DEATH roamed Yaesha.

There were those who would have seen the beast slain. But THE RAVAGER was never much glimpsed but that THE DOE should follow. The green things of the jungle sprang from THE DOE's feet. And on what do green things grow if not the flesh of departed life? What would become of THE DOE if THE RAVAGER were felled? What would become of Yaesha?

For though they may struggle always, their struggle serves the balance, and keeps unharnessed DEATH from above, from descending upon us all.


A Toast to Bloodmoonstide

Panfolk! Honor thy hunters! For the MOON is a hunter who stalks the stars, as THE RAVAGER is a hunter who stalks the brush and bracken! And lo! When the wheel of time turns round to Bloodmoonstide, sister SUN shines her opal fire hungrily upon the hunter MOON and his hunt is fair!

As they feast above, we hear THE RAVAGER below, howling from the forest’s edge! Keep him from your door fine Panfolk! Roast ye game and gaily gnash the sweetmeats! And above all, honor thy hunters!


A Blessing of Hope

May THE DOE’s step cross your fulsome fields

May LIFE’s wind sound your pipe and flute

May the warm SUN light your voyage home

And THE RAVAGER’s howls not bring you fear

And when THE DOE and RAVAGER their circuit run, when SUN and Stem weave LIFE’s gold thread

As LIFE and SUN support from below, all will be revealed to the Bulwark of THE DOE