Cervine Keepsake

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Cervine Keepsake
Cervine Keepsake
On Relic Use, gain a stack of CALL OF THE DOE for 30s. Max 5 stacks.

CALL OF THE DOE: Increases Movement Speed by 4% per stack. When CALL OF THE DOE expires, regain 1 Relic Charge per stack.
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An effigy left in offering to a great doe. It was carved with patience and skill, by a hand belonging to a Pan who worshipped the creature with godlike reverence.
“The Red Doe is not the only doe of Pan legend. Countless tales and songs have been sung of the wise, graceful creatures. Admittedly, I have wondered if it was the same enigmatic doe, appearing in different forms. But that is only a theory.”

Cervine Keepsake is an amulet that increases movement speed and restores relic charges.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]