Bruin, Blade of the King

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The powerful Fae Impaler known as Bruin revels in the chaos left in the wake of the coup, for there are now many deserving of the king's vengeance.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

As with most impalers, Bruin is relentless and agile.

His first move, one he will almost certainly display when the Traveler enters his arena, is his charged dash. Rapidly moving to impale his foe, death to Bruin's attack will bypass the downed state and any other revives. Should he miss, he will chain the move into a swing around himself followed by a scissor strike.

An alternate way to cover ground are his dodges, which can be done twice in quick succession, either to get close to a target or simply to reposition.

One of his main combos is three hits: first a stab with his right spear, then the left and finally a quick jab with both.
If he dodges to his left beforehand he may immediately skip to the second hit.

A second combo is two hits, each being a scissor strike that takes him some distance forward.

At some point, he may choose to rush towards the Traveler, and knock them down with a single devastating kick. This will chain into a quick slice followed by a jump backwards—something he may also do if pressed in melee.

Bruin expends stamina when attacking, and will periodically kneel from exhaustion. This state, generally occurring every 35-45s, leaves him open to attack.

His abdomen, the usual weakspot for Impalers, is covered on Bruin with a skull. However, it can be exposed by dealing 10% of his maximum health to this trophy.

Fight Progression[edit | edit source]

At 70% Bruin will periodically retreat from his current position to the far end of the arena, turning his attention to a group of 6 Fae Archers ascending from below. He will leap to the alcove above the gate, and begin hurling his spears at both the Archers and the Traveler.

After roughly 15s of regular spear throws, he will empower himself and begin one of two variants:

  • The first variant has Bruin throw a continuous stream of spears, immediately detonating and recalling them to himself.
  • The second variant has him throw all his spears at once, embedding them in the terrain over a section of the arena. After a short delay, Bruin will release a burst of energy, detonating all the spears.

Attempting to hide at the far end of the arena is punished by a repeated embedded spear, which will detonate in a large area after roughly 3s. If the Traveler manages to get underneath Bruin however, the Impaler will cease his attack early.

He will return to the arena with a jump attack, planting his spears in the ground. This is an ability he will also be able to use separately, and can be repeated a second time directly after.

Although Bruin will instantly kill the Archers with any hit, some will survive either through Bruin's attack being cancelled or him simply missing them. They will harass both the Traveler and Bruin.
If more than 4 remain alive, the next round of spear throws will not see any reinforcements, placing a maximum of 9 on the number of Archers at once.

Rewards[edit | edit source]