Armored Root Behemoth

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Armored Root Behemoth
Armored Root Behemoth
  • Damage25
  • Health750
  • icon15
  • icon-15
  • icon0
  • icon-10

Armored Root Behemoths are resilient Root constructs, protected by petrified wood and tarnished copper plates.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

At range, they can slam their axe into the ground, sending a fast traveling shockwave forward in a line.

Once at medium range, they can sprint at their target, smashing their axe into a ground after a leap.

In direct melee range, they can do a diagonal strike from their right, or a double spin, with the second having greater reach than the first.

Most of their body is armored, with their axe entirely immune to damage. The armor plates on their front and back are ironically their largest point of vulnerability, taking full damage—and breaking after directly taking 35% of the Brute's health as damage. This exposes their weakspot, a glowing core in their torso.

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