Ammo Box

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Ammo Box
Ammo Box
Replenishes all reserve ammo.
A sturdy metal container filled to the brim with a variety of ammunition types for all your weapons. It's the perfect solution for those running low on ammo during a heated battle. With just a simple click, the lid pops open, revealing neatly arranged rounds that are ready to be loaded into your weapons.
“After the Root arrived, ammunition was abundant, yet it wasn't enough to combat the dangers that lurked around every corner. Nowadays, we scavenge for every last bullet we can find, making an ammo box a true lifesaver in the fight for survival.”

The Ammo Box is a consumable that replenishes all reserve ammunition. It does not reload the current magazine.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Update History[edit | edit source]

  • Reduced cost to 200 (was 250).