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The Root are an all encompassing multiversal threat, and the primary antagonist of the Remnant series.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

They take the form of treelike creatures with red glowing pustules growing from them. There exact appearance seems to be based on numerous different creatures they have recreated. It should be noted that the Root are able to recreate other entities they have conquered, with examples like the Shrikes from Remnant: From the Ashes being inspired by humans. The most commonly seen Root are the Root Devils, though these are notably absent in Remnant 2. On Yaesha the Root mostly use the snakeworms as their preferred form, though the Root elites are obviously using the body plan of the Pan. While we don't see the Root on many other worlds, it's implied they steal the shapes of the residents of each world as they conquer them. In the case of certain shapes like the Dragon, some of the shapes were pulled from the memories of the Dreamers. In both cases they can replicate these forms as many times as they see fit, hence why both Singe and the Dragon share the same form.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

The Root have one goal that all their actions aim towards: the complete cessation of all life. In their eyes, all life is in a constant state of suffering, and to that end they work to kill them. They will use any method to achieve that end, without exception.

Before the events of the games, the Root invaded numerous worlds shortly after their initial appearance. One of these worlds was Rhom. After a 30 year war, Ezlan the Undying King made the decision to detonate the Kel'hur, a nanite sludge present in most of the planet's technology. The Root were expelled from Rhom, but at great cost, as the world was reduced to a desert wasteland.

In Chronos, Clawbone manipulated the Destroyer to kill the Yaesha, Krell and Labyrinth Guardians. Clawbone enhanced the Destroyer's abilities with Root magic and the Dragon Heart, easing their path forward. This opened up access to the rest of the multiverse for them and allowed them to resume their conquest of the Core.

In Remnant: From the Ashes, they primarily focused on pure force, attempting to kill off the remaining humans on Earth. They are seen to corrupt Harsgaard further, transforming him into an abomination that's no longer recognizable as human. When Harsgaard is defeated.

Finally, In Remnant 2 the Root presence on Yaesha has progressed, allowing them to resurrect Many Faces and corrupt the Ravager. The Traveler kills off both of these threats.

Origin[edit | edit source]

The Root originated on Root Earth, the original version of the Core of the System. When experiments to see outside of the universe were accomplished, something went wrong and the Root were created. From there, the Root spread the Worldstones throughout the various worlds. These Worldstones were something only humans could see, and given their unique location on the system's Core, acted as a trap so that the Root could create Dreamers to invite them in and begin corrupting the system as a whole. From here, the events of the games begin.

It's notable that the Root are consistently compared to the Keeper on many items present in Root Earth. This, along with their connection to the fabric of reality hints that they may be directly related to the System itself. While we know that they are

Notable Root[edit | edit source]