Lore: Clocktower Note 01

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13 Rejull 560

Only a few more weeks, Hew, afore I’m home. I hope these letters’ll do ‘til then.

I ever tell you how your great-grandfather Lemark saved the town? Your namesake, Hewdas, built this tower, and we Lemarks have cared for it ever since.

Well, one day word reached the villagers that a pack of bandits planned to attack that nightfall. Hewdas left the tower to help build defenses, even though everyone knew there weren’t time enough to make ‘em. But something strange happened. The clock stopped with no one to wind it, and then it was as if time itself stopped with it. The day stretched longer than it should’ve, and the villagers had all the time they needed to defend themselves.

Just a story, course, but a good one. Shows how important this here clock tower is. To all of us.