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The Huntress is a Fae warrior of great skill, said to have descended from legendary figures. Will reward a material used to craft either Huntress Spear or the Familiar mod when killed.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

A high pitched animal call makes it easy to tell when the Huntress is on the prowl.

The Huntress will stalk the Traveler by leaping from roof top to roof top. When she sees an opportunity, she will jump down and engage. Nearby enemies—be they Fae or Dran, Elite or Aberration—will get instanly killed in a burst of Faerie Fire. After roughly 20s she will retreat back to the roof tops.

Sometimes the Huntress will not be hunting, and instead can be found sleeping near the Briella's Garden worldstone. Walking too close or attacking her will wake her for another battle—and this time, she will not retreat.

After her health has been depleted to ~50% once, she will cease her hunt, and instead will always be found sleeping.

Briella's Garden

Waking[edit | edit source]

In battle, the Huntress will often misdirect through use of delayed attacks.

From afar, her steed will charge at the Traveler, attempting to gore them with its horns.

In close melee, she uses a triple combo of spear swings that has a chance to inflict CORRODED on each hit.

Another attack has her steed lower its head before striking upwards into a small leap, chaining into a slam by the Huntress with her spear.

Sometimes she may disengage, summoning three Familiars that will harass the Traveler. One of the Familiars will be glowing brightly—killing it will also kill the others.

Her spear combo can be switched into either of the prior attacks.

At medium distance, she may levitate, charging one or two shockwave slashes.

Alternatively she can close the gap again, her steed leaping forward to crush the Traveler underneath its hooves.

Fight Progression[edit | edit source]

Below 50% remaining health, the Huntress will periodically empower herself: rising into the air, she slams down in a burst of FAERIE FIRE. For roughly 20s, she and her steed will be adorned by flames, and her spear strikes will inflict FAERIE FIRE instead of CORRODED. She will also more often cancel her combo into a Familiar summoning.

The jump slam will release additional FAERIE FIRE and stagger the Traveler unless dodged. The leap will also often be extende by a second jump while in air.

Lastly, her shockwave slashes will have much shorter windup as well as fire faster.

Once she leaves this state, it will take at least 10s before she can enter it again.

Dreaming[edit | edit source]

When finding the Huntress asleep, the Dreamcatcher can be use on her to acquire the Huntress' Dream. This consumable allows the Traveler to challenge the Huntress in Briella's Reverie, bringing with it a few changes. Initially, she will behave identically to the version in the waking world, but never retreats. However, at 75% health she will enter her empowered form—permanently.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The two forms are independent, killing one does not harm the other. The version within the dreamscape should generally be prioritized however, as keeping the main one alive allows infinite access to the dream.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Outside of World Bosses and stationary targets like the Root Nexus, the Huntress is the boss that least resembles an existing enemy. The closest equivalent would most likely be the standard Fae Soldier.