Cinderclad Forge

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Mini Living Stone Mortar Kiln
Mini Living Stone Mortar Kiln
  • Damage25
  • Health1
  • iconIMMUNE
  • icon0
  • icon10
  • icon0
  • Experience Gain

The Cinderclad Forge is a titanic Living Stone Kiln found in the Deserted Atelier, guarding one of the last unblighted groves of the Floating Forests.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Cinderclad Forge consists of a massive stone shell surrounding a crystal core, embedded stationary in the arena. The shell consists of three segments, each able to spin independently, and each with its own type of attack.

The middle segment fires chunks of sandstone as projectiles. It can do this in one of two patterns:

  • The first variant fires multiple waves of projectiles, its reach increasing with each.
  • Alternatively, it can fire lengthwise bursts, fanning from left to right.

The projectiles can drop ammunition on impact.

The bottom segment can fire continuous beams of sand, slowly rotating. This can occur in either direction. Sometimes, a short vortex effect draws the Traveler closer at the start.

While the beams are firing, the crystal at the heart of the Forge becomes a weakspot, although reaching it requires firing through the holes in its shell. Each of the shell segments also has a crystal embedded in it, which will become vulnerable during this time. However, the rotation of the segments may place them out of reach, and they break after suffering 15% of the Forge's health as direct damage.

Fight Progression[edit | edit source]

At first, the Forge will only utilize one segment at a time, but upon reaching 80% remaining health, it becomes able to use two at once.

At 75% health and below, the Forge may use its topmost segment, releasing several blue projectiles that begin hovering above the arena. The middle segment then triggers them by shooting them, causing them to crash to the ground and release four slow moving waves, each moving in a cardinal direction. The first use of this ability will only create three of these projectiles, but subsequent uses will place them along either diagonal of the arena.

Once brought down to 65% health, the Forge will periodically enter a phase of drastically changed behavior. At first, it will fire its sand beams, while drawing in the Traveler with a vortex effect. At the same time, the middle segment continually drops projectiles close to its shell.

After 10s, it brusts from the ground, towering high and igniting. It repeatedly fires lines of BURNING projectiles onto the arena, creating obstacles either lengthwise or along the arena's width.

Meanwhile, a massive limb extends from its body, tracking the Traveler before slamming down. After, it slams onto the side of the arena before swiping it across the entire arena. It will repeat this twice.

Finally, its shell slams back down onto the arena, causing a shockwave that travels across the arena. All crystals glow for ~12s, with the shell's segments raising to expose the central core. It is not wholly defenseless however, as three Miniature Kilns crawl forward from its core to detonate next to the Traveler.
This is an opportunity for massive damage, but has a cooldown of roughly 1 minute afterwards.

At 60% and 50% it gains access to the last two patterns for its top segment, a pair of parallel lines along the arena's center, respectively lengthwise and along the width.

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