Lore: Water Statue Note

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The goddess I once knew was kind and demure. What have the Vaunnt done to make her writhe and lash out in such grief, such terrible torment? If only the king were here to quell her anger. I begged them not to harm him, but they did not listen. They claim they have a means to control her, yet in the same breath usher us Gul into hiding. The living stones have gone mad. I only hope that when the goddess descends upon my village, she recognizes who I am and remembers my many offerings and years of devoted worship. What terrible, cruel irony. I dedicated my life to Lydusa, and now I must take shelter from her wrath. We servants did nothing wrong—this horror is the doing of the Vaunnt. If you find this parchment and have not yet sought refuge, there is an inner chamber within this statue. May we all escape this tragedy unharmed.