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He lives on the outside of Ward 13, away from other people. Gifted with power he doesn't fully comprehend.

Wallace is a returning character from Remnant: From the Ashes

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Item Type Cost
Caduceus Idol Engram 5 + Medic Pin
Cursed Effigy Engram 5 + Ragged Poppet
Drzyr Caliper Engram 5 + Alien Device
Golden Compass Engram 5 + Broken Compass
Hexahedron Engram 5 + Strange Box
Iron Cylinder Engram 5 + Worn Cylinder
Philosopher's Stone Engram 5 + Mysterious Stone
Serrated Root Blade Engram 5 + Wooden Shiv
Silent Whistle Engram 5 + Old Whistle
Sniper War Medal Engram 5 + Rusty Medal
Steel Enswell Engram 5 + Old Metal Tool
Tome of the Bringer Engram 5 + Faded Grimoire

Dialog[edit | edit source]