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Traits are passive effects that affect various stats of a character. To affect the character, trait points must be allocated, and the intensity of the effect depends on the number of points assigned to the trait up to level 10. The increased effect of each trait level depends on the individual trait.

The player can only allocate a certain number of trait points and cannot max every trait they have unlocked. As of The Awakened King DLC patch, the Trait Point Cap is 85 points. The player also receives their Archetype traits and a few points in select traits depending on their build for "free." These points do not apply towards the 85 point maximum, and also cannot be removed.

Trait Points[edit | edit source]

Gaining Trait Points[edit | edit source]

Travelers gain trait points by defeating unique minibosses (i.e. ones they haven't killed before), aberrations and World Bosses, and discovering Tomes of Knowledge that can appear across the worlds during their travels. On kill, the points will be automatically given to the Traveler.

In multiplayer, when one player picks up a Tome of Knowledge, everyone in the party will receive it as well.

When the Traveler reaches the cap, excess Trait Points from then on are converted to Scrap (The actual amount is randomized).

Allocating Trait Points[edit | edit source]

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To activate a trait and have it affect the Traveler, players must first allocate trait points through the Traits menu to the desired trait.

Players can allocate more than one point at a time to enhance the effect of a trait. The exact increase per level varies per trait and is specified in the tooltip. Trait points can be removed until the player is prompted to confirm their selections.

Respecing[edit | edit source]

Travelers may purchase the Orb of Undoing from Wallace in Ward 13 and can then use it to refund all allocated trait points at no cost, save for the initial cost of buying the Orb itself. This action may be done at any time as long as they have the Orb, which will not be consumed upon use and can be used indefinitely. The Orb is also required to switch between different trait builds when changing Loadouts.

Obtaining Traits[edit | edit source]

World Event Traits[edit | edit source]

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There are Campaign- and World-specific traits that are unlocked by completing certain events and maps. These events are mostly encountered randomly, and may not even be present for the current run.

Archetype-specific Traits[edit | edit source]

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Archetypes have unique traits that are specific to them, and will only be active if the associated Archetype is currently equipped. This means that, for example, should the Traveler swap the Handler archetype out for Challenger, they will lose Kinship, the Handler's trait, but will gain Strong Back, the Challenger's trait. Additionally, these traits will allocate themselves based on the level of their associated archetype.

Once the Traveler reaches level 10 of an archetype, that archetype’s unique trait can be used in any build, as long as there are enough available points to allocate into the trait.

List of Traits[edit | edit source]

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Core Traits[edit | edit source]

These traits are unlocked by default. Points may be automatically allocated toward these traits depending on your primary Archetype.

Trait Name Description
Vigor Increases maximum health by 3-30
Endurance Increases maximum stamina by 3-30
Spirit Increases mod power generation by 2%-20%
Expertise Reduces skill cooldowns by 2%-20%

Archetype Traits[edit | edit source]

These traits are unlocked by unlocking their associated Archetype. Once the Archetype reaches the max level of 10, the trait is unlocked for all Archetypes for point allocation. Before then, points may only be automatically allocated by equipping and leveling the Archetype.

Trait Name Description Archetype
Affliction[1] Increases status effect duration by 10%-100% Ritualist
Ammo Reserves Increases ammo reserves by 5%-50% Gunslinger
Flash Caster Increases mod and skill casting speed by 5%-50% Archon
Fortify Increases armor effectiveness by 5%-50% Engineer
Gifted [2] Increases skill duration by 3%-30% Invoker
Kinship Reduces friendly fire damage dealt and received by 8%-80% Handler
Longshot Increases weapon ideal range from 0.6m-6m Hunter
Potency Increases consumable duration from 10%-100% Alchemist
Regrowth Increases health regen by 0.15/s-1.5/s Summoner
Strong Back Reduces dodge weight threshold by 1.5-15 Challenger
Swiftness Increases all movement speed by 1%-15% and traversal movement speed (vaulting, ladders, wading) by 5%-50% Explorer
Triage Increases healing mod by 5%-50% Medic
Untouchable Increases evade window by 3%-30% Invader
  1. Requires The Awakened King DLC.
  2. Requires The Forgotten Kingdom DLC.

Unlockable Traits[edit | edit source]

These traits must be unlocked through various forms of gameplay progress.

Trait Name Description Source
Amplitude Increases AOE and AURA size by 5%-50% Labyrinth (Campaign)
Chakra Increases Mod Duration by 3 - 30%. Root Earth (Campaign)
Handling Reduces weapon spread and recoil by 4%-40% Root Earth (Campaign)
Scholar Increases experience gained by 1%-15% Root Earth (Campaign)
Revivalist Increases the speed or reviving and being revived by 5%-50% Revive an ally (including Dog)
Arcane Strike Increases mod power generation from melee attacks by 5%-50% Losomn - Harvester's Reach
Dark Pact[1] Increases grey health conversion rate by 3%-30% Losomn - Forlorn Coast
Glutton[2] Increases the use speed of consumables and relics by 3%-30% Losomn - Great Hall
Leech Increases Lifesteal Efficacy by 5 - 50%. N'Erud - Dormant N'Erudian Facility
Recovery Increases stamina regen by 3/s-30/s Losomn - Morrow Parish
Shadeskin Increases resistance to elemental status effects by 2%-20% Losomn - Butcher's Quarter
Fitness Increases evade distance by 3%-30% N'Erud - Vault of the Formless
Footwork Increases movement speed while aiming by 5%-50% N'Erud - Terminus Station
Siphoner Increases lifesteal by 0.3%-3% N'Erud - Dormant N'Erudian Facility
Barkskin Increases damage resistance by 1%-10% Yaesha - The Forbidden Grove
Bloodstream Increases grey health regeneration by 0.3/s-3.0/s Yaesha - The Forbidden Grove
Blood Bond Summons absorb 1%-10% of damage taken by the caster Yaesha - The Far Woods
Rugged Increases the health of archetype summons by 10%-100% Yaesha - Forgotten Field
Resolute[3] Reduces Hit Reaction Time by 2.5%-25%. Yaesha - Forgotten Kingdom
  1. Requires The Awakened King DLC.
  2. Can only be obtained in coop.
  3. Requires The Forgotten Kingdom DLC.