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The Stonewarden is a powerful Living Stone Soldier, leading its kin in their battle song while wielding the powers of both variants.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Stonewarden will repeatedly lose and reform its limbs, alternating between the ability sets of the respective variant of Living Stone Soldier.

Pickaxe[edit | edit source]

At the start of the battle, the Stonewarden will be using the left arm, wielding its pickaxe:

  • Pickaxe Strikes: The Stonewarden swings its pickaxe three times, alternating between left and right.
    • The strikes toward its right often expose the weakspot on its back.
  • Charged Slam: Readying its pickaxe over its right side, the Soldier slams it into the ground. This often occurs twice in a row.
  • Spinning Slam: The Warden leaps into the air, spinning around itself, before slamming its pickaxe into the ground.
  • Charged Thrust: Dropping onto its legs, the Warden braces itself for a few moments before abruptly dashing forward, impaling its foe.
    • This attack causes the Warden to switch to its shield arm.

Shield[edit | edit source]

When using the shield hand on its right, the Warden has access to the following attacks:

  • Shield Bash: A swipe with its massive fist. If initiated from range, it will form an armored sand barrier in front of it, advancing until in range.
    • The crystals in the Warden's fist are a weakspot for the duration of its advance.
  • Sand Blast: Dragging its hand through the ground, the Warden hurls forward short ranged projectiles.
  • Crystal Projectile: The Warden drags its fist through the ground while spinning around itself. Raising into the air, it throws two wide projectiles at its target.
    • Crystal Slam: Instead of throwing projectiles, the Warden leaps through the air, slamming its fist into the ground. After a short moment, an eruption of crystal triggers, telegraphed by a blue aura.
  • Leaping Slam: Bracing itself and gathering crystal around its fist, the Warden leaps into the air before slamming its fist into the ground.
    • This attack causes the Warden to switch to its pickaxe arm.

Fight Progression[edit | edit source]

Upon reaching 65% remaining health, the Stonewarden will reform both limbs and raise into the air, rallying its kin. The walls around the arena lower, exposing small alcoves. This allows him to use a new attack:

  • Statue Charge: The Warden rushes to one side of the arena, rising iunto the air and summoning two rows of Living Stone Soldiers on pedestals. After a short moment, the rows move forward, one after the other. The Soldiers come to a standstill in three lines. Going from back to front, they slam their fist into the ground, shattering themselves but causing a small shockwave. Meanwhile, the Warden rushes to the other end to repeat the ability a second time.
    • The rows have gaps in them, allowing the Traveler to avoid them.

The Warden also unlocks the last remaining ability of the basic Living Stone Soldier:

  • Extended Sand Shift: The Warden sinks into the ground, moving around the Traveler. It reemerges after a few moments to deliver a slam attack.

Below 60% health, after a Charged Thrust the Warden sometimes does not switch modes, with the pickaxe instead becoming a spear:

  • Spear Strikes: The Warden thrusts once with his spear, followed by three smaller jabs, before culminating in a spinning strike towards its target.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]