Shielded Heart

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Shielded Heart
Shielded Heart
On use, grants a SHIELD for 100% of Max Health. Lasts 20s or until SHIELD is removed by damage.
A microminiaturized shield generator, the same kind that protects N'Erud—not the ones that protect the ship from space, but those that protect the ship within from the powerful star at its core.
“N'Erud is rife with redundancies. One cannot transplant an entire species from a planet to the void without accounting for endless contingencies.

Unfortunately, the Custodian was in charge of most such contingencies. The Custodian has its own redundancies of course, but it has always been N'Erud's greatest point of vulnerability.”

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • Obtained in N'Erud - Tower of the Unseen
    • Find your way to the back of a statue that is located at the hall where E.D. Alpha is encountered. Insert a Stellar-Powered Cell at the back of the statue not reachable from the ground. Make your way around the backside area of the statue to an elevator. Activate the elevator and step off before being lifted to uncover a hole below the lift. Jump down to access the slot and insert the Stellar-Powered Cell. This will open a door on the side of the main hall where you'll find Shielded Heart