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“Sha'Hala, may the Guardian protect”
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Behavior[edit | edit source]

Sha'Hala demands constant movement, punishing anyone caught standing still. His abilities mainly consists of three base attacks:

  • Suppression Beams: Summons two groups of four hands on either side of the arena. Of each group, two hands begin tracking the Traveler while charging their beams, while the other two will sweep horizontally across the platform. The tracking hands will stop following shortly before following. Each beam inflicts moderate amounts of SUPPRESSION.
  • Seeking Projectiles: Several hands are summoned in front of the platform, emitting a seeking projectile each. One by one, the projectiles will freeze and lock onto the Traveler, flickering twice before firing. The projectiles can be destroyed to gain ammunition.
  • Lightning Traces: The guardian emits two sequential pairs of quick moving traces, each trace covering roughly a quarter of the platform. After a short moment, the trace will energize, damaging anything caught within.
    • Has two possible patterns: one has the pairs cover alternating parts of the platform, whereas the second has one pair cover the inner parts and the other the outer.

The hands summoned for the beams and projectiles can be destroyed, and any damage done to them is transferred to the guardian.

Darkness Shroud[edit | edit source]

Every now and then, Sha'Hala will blanket the arena in darkness and disappear. Every phase is focused on one of his basic attacks, cycling across variants:

  • Seeking Projectiles: Projectiles will rise from the ground. Some of them freeze above, locking onto the Traveler.
  • Lightning Traces: A trace will move across most of the platform before energizing, leaving only some spots untouched.
  • Suppression Beams: Hands manifest at random spots, charging their beams and tracking the Traveler. After a short time, they will stop following and fire, inflicting

Meanwhile, arms of Sha'Hala will periodically erupt from the ground beneath the Traveler to stagger them. After some time has passed, Sha'Hala will reappear with a loud noise, before placing the black hole at the position of the Traveler at the time. The black hole draws the Traveler towards it, and inflicts massive amounts of damage and SUPPRESSION on anything caught within.

Although Sha'Hala's main body is hidden, the arms erupting from the ground can be damaged.

Fight Progression[edit | edit source]

Instead of gaining new abilities, Sha'Hala's base moves gain new patterns upon reaching 50% health:

  • Suppression Beams: The sweep can now be vertical, done by the upper hands instead. The trackers will be at ground level.
  • Seeking Projectiles: The emitting hands can appear in a more pyramidal formation.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Sha'Hala:Spectral Guardian of N'Erud is immune to BURNING , but both the summoned hands as well as the arms that erupt from the ground during darkness phases are not. This is possibly a bug.

Rewards[edit | edit source]