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Overview[edit | edit source]

All weapon mods (aside from Polygun) have a Mod Power Requirement that represents how much Mod Power must be generated for the weapon to recharge the mod after use. For instance, Hot Shot has a Mod Power Requirement of 1250. Once used, you will need to generate 1250 Mod Power to use it again. The mechanics of how Mod Power can be generated are detailed below.

Generating Mod Power via Damage[edit | edit source]

Dealing damage by firing a gun generates 100% of base damage dealt as Mod Power for the equipped gun, and 25% of base damage dealt as Mod Power for the stowed gun. This amount is calculated from the +0 damage value of the weapon and does not scale with damage bonuses, crits, or weakspot hits. For instance, the Blackmaw has 17 base damage and a magazine size of 38. One bullet will generate 17 mod power for itself and 4.25 mod power for your handgun; over the full 38 round mag, it will generate 646 Mod Power for itself and 161.5 Mod Power for your handgun.

Dealing damage with a melee weapon generates 25% of base damage dealt as Mod Power for both guns, calculated in the same way as gun damage above (ignoring weapon level, damage bonuses, crits, etc.). The Motion Value of the melee attack is calculated as part of base damage, so a charged melee attack will generally provide more Mod Power than a basic attack from the same weapon. For example, the Iron Greatsword deals 105 base damage with its first basic melee attack, and 178.5 base damage with its first charged melee attack. These will generate 26.25 and 44.625 Mod Power, respectively.

Status Effect and Skill damage also generate 25% of base damage dealt as mod power for both guns, ignoring weapon level and power level, as well as damage bonuses, crits, etc. For example, Challenger's War Stomp deals 150 base damage, so it will generate 37.5 Mod Power per target hit. (This section needs confirmation)

While these methods of generation do not scale with damage bonuses, weakspot modifiers, or critical hits, you can effectively scale mod power regeneration by dealing damage more frequently. For instance, increasing your fire rate will allow a gun to generate Mod Power faster; increasing melee speed will allow a melee weapon to generate Mod Power faster.

Mod damage itself does not generate any Mod Power by default.

Other Methods of Generating Mod Power[edit | edit source]

Aside from these innate methods of generating Mod Power, Equipment and Perks can provide additional methods. In general, these other methods are very straightforward: Runed Heart, Cataloger's Jewel, and Power Leak, for instance, all say the exact amount of power they will generate. They behave as advertised. Below are details on outliers that are less simple.

Feedback generates Mod Power in two separate ways: first by generating power over time based on single charge cost on mod use, and second by dealing damage with that mod. The first method behaves as advertised; a mod that costs 1000 power will provide 200 Mod Power generation to both weapons over 10 seconds. The second mimics standard Mod Power generation by dealing damage, scaling off of base damage only. Much like Melee damage provides 25% of base damage as mod power to both weapons, Feedback allows the equipped mod to generate 15% of base damage as mod power to both weapons.

Similarly, Stone of Malevolence allows elemental mod damage to generate mod power.

Harmonizer modifies the way a gun generates Mod Power by dealing damage. Normally it would generate 100% of base damage dealt as Mod Power for the equipped gun, and 25% of base damage dealt as Mod Power for the stowed gun. When a gun equipped with Harmonizer deals damage, it instead generates 100% of base damage dealt as Mod Power for the equipped gun, and 50% of base damage dealt as Mod Power for the stowed gun, effectively doubling the amount generated for the stowed gun. It only applies to mod power dealt through gun damage in this way.

Faelin's Sigil generates 15% of TOTAL melee damage dealt as Mod Power. Note that this is not base damage. Anything that makes you deal more melee damage - damage bonuses, critical hits, weapon level, etc. - will cause it to generate more Mod Power. This generation is entirely separate from standard melee Mod Power generation, and is unaffected by Arcane Strike.

Additionally, dying or resting at a World Stone will fully recover Mod Power for both weapons.

Generating Mod Power for Active Mods[edit | edit source]

Many mods have an active duration during which Mod Power cannot be generated through most means. If the grey Mod Power bar slowly drains while the mod is active (like Hot Shot or Nano swarm), it has an active duration. While methods of Mod Power generation are restricted for that weapon during this time, there are still methods that can get around the limitation:

  • Mod power generated by both features of Feedback applies even to active mods
  • Most sources of Mod Power over time, like Tempest, Cataloger's Jewel, and Runed Heart apply to active mods. Power Creep notably does not.
  • Leaking Gemstone allows all normally restricted methods of Mod Power generation to apply with 20% efficacy for active mods. It has no effect on generation that already applies to active mods.

These methods of generating Mod Power will leave an active mod partially (or potentially entirely) refilled once its duration ends. They do not influence the duration of active mods.

Modifying Mod Power Generation[edit | edit source]

All methods of Mod Power generation can be scaled with certain Equipment, Perks, and Traits.

Effects that increase "Mod Power Generation" without any conditions or restrictions, like Spirit, apply to all Mod Power generation. For instance, Cataloger's Jewel generates 10 Mod Power per second normally, but will generate 12 per second if Spirit is maxed out. These bonuses stack additively: Burden of the Follower and Spirit together provide +50% Mod Power Generation.

Some modifiers have restrictions. These effects behave like "Mod Power Generation" bonuses and stack additively with them, but apply only to certain cases. For instance, Arcane Strike only increases Mod Power generation from dealing melee damage: a basic attack with the Iron Greatsword will generate 26.25 Mod Power normally, 39.375 with Arcane Strike maxed (+50%), or 44.625 with both Arcane Strike and Spirit maxed (+70%).

Modifying Mod Power Requirement[edit | edit source]

Spirit Within, White Pawn Stamp, Burden of the Warlock, and the Mod Cost Relic Fragment all reduce the Mod Power Requirement for equipped mods, meaning they require less Mod Power generation to refill. These effects stack additively with each other for a maximum of 45% cost reduction. Note that effects based on Mod Power spent, such as Spellweaver or Pressure Point, function based on the actual amount spent, not the base Mod Power Requirement.