Lore: Gravitonic Lifter

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“Gravitonic Load Lifters are powerful tools that allow operators to quickly shift and move heavy loads with ease.”

“While they may seem easy to operate, they can be dangerous if improperly used.”

“The following are the high level guidelines for the safe and normal operation of Gravitonic Load Lifters. For more detailed operating procedures and information please consult the archival database.”

“Guideline one: Preliminary inspection. Before entering the Gravitonic Load Lifter, you are required to perform a full, preliminary inspection on all major components. The Load Lifter must remain powered down during this inspection.”

“Guideline two: Gravitonic seals. Upon entering the the Load Lifter but before activation, you must perform a secondary inspection on all gravitonic seals. Warning: If gravitonic seals do not pass inspection do not proceed further.”

“Guideline three: Powered down diagnostic. Once gravitonic seals have passed inspecton, operators must engage the powered down self-diagnostic program.”

“This program will identify any internal malfunctions that may or may not have been apparent during prior visual inspection.”

“Guideline four: Securing operator. Once the self-diagnostic program has successfully completed, confirm that the operators arms and legs are properly secured in their appropriate harnesses. Failure to do so may result in loss of limbs or life.”

“Guideline five: Initiating startup. The most important step is as follows, if it is not observed, the Load Lifter can overload and detonate. While holding the power source switch in the neutral position, press and turn the flow modulator to half fill mode. Once power is flowing, engage the operational self-diagnostic program.”

“Guideline six: Operation.

After operational self-diagnostic program has successfully completed, disengage safety bolts on loadbearing braces.”