Crystal Staff

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Crystal Staff
Melee Weapon
Crystal Staff
  • Damage42
  • Critical Hit Chance
  • Weak Spot Damage Bonus
  • Stagger Modifier
The staff hums with energy. A destructive power within yearns to be released.
Power Stone
Charged Melee empowers the staff for 10s, causing Melee Attacks to launch an energy bolt that seeks enemies within 30m, dealing 50 - 150 SHOCK Damage and grants 1 stack of POWER STONE. Max 10 stacks.

While empowered, Charged Melee calls a 6m shockwave dealing 75 - 225 SHOCK Damage and ends POWER STONE. For each POWER STONE stack built when ended, release 1 energy bolt that seeks a random enemy and applies OVERLOADED to 10s.
Downloadable content required
This content is only available to owners of: Remnant II: The Forgotten Kingdom
An arcane rod imbued with the vicious powers of a mad, ancient priest. Whatever foul dealings the priests made to claim such terrible power are best left unpsoken—and unreplicated.
“The Ahanae and the Laemir keep the secrets of their ancient magicks close to their chests, hidden away from the Gul. But I believe there is an even greater magick out there, one that can be wielded by any Pan, awaiting discovery.”

The Crystal Staff is a special melee weapon in Remnant 2. It is an ancient Pan staff imbued with sinister magicks. It can unleash energy bolts to strike down foes.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

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Motion Values[edit | edit source]

Main article: Motion Values
Attack StringValue
Charged150% ?
(Neutral Evade)
100% + 90%
(Neutral Evade)
200% + 200%

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Empowering this weapon gives it a single stack of POWER STONE, so it only requires 9 Melee Attacks to reach full stacks.
  • In addition to inflicting OVERLOADED, energy bolts released by Charged Melee deal the same direct damage as those fired by the staff with Melee Attacks while it is empowered.
  • Energy bolts released by the Charged Attack each count as a Charged Melee Attack for the purposes of mutators like Tainted Blade and Shocker, and trinkets like Blood Jewel.
  • Melee Attack Speed and Melee Charge Speed increase the speed of the empower animation.
  • The OVERLOADED status inflicted by this weapon deals 50-150 damage every 5 seconds with 10s base duration.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • Yaesha, Infested Abyss. Found in a sarcophagus at the end of a gauntlet after defeating several Root Nexuses.

Update History[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed Incorrect Damage Scaling Values.
  • Lowered Base Damage to 42 (was 58) to account for proper 3x Damage Scaling (net Buff)
  • Fixed an issue where Inspect information as displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed scaling issue. Properly scales to 3x damage at +10 (was 2x).
  • UNDOCUMENTED: Increased base damage to 58 (was 56).
  • This item was added to the game.