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Perfect Evade Indicator
Perfect Evade indicator
Estimate Evade Distance by Weight Category

Movement encompasses various actions including walking or sprinting, evade or dodge rolls, and traversal methods. Factors such as equipment like trinkets or armor, traits, and consumables can influence movement either positively or negatively. For instance, encumberance can significantly hinder evasion abilities without affecting traversal speed, such as climbing ladders. Conversely, traits like Swiftness specifically impact traversal speed.

Terminology[edit | edit source]

In-game descriptions use both terms Evade and Dodge interchangeably.

Invulnerability Frames/Evade window[edit | edit source]

Invulnerability Frames are the period of time during which the Traveler cannot be damaged by enemy attacks while performing an Evade. They're measured in number of frames out of 30.

The game internally uses Evade window. To convert evade window to invulnerability frames use this formula:

Invulnerability Frames = 30 × Evade Window

Since there are no fractional frames, the result needs to be rounded to the closest integer.

Evade window can be extended with:

Perfect Evade[edit | edit source]

While performing an evade if the Traveler's evade window overlaps with attack's hurtbox it counts as a Perfect Evade. A successful Perfect Evade is indicated with a puff of smoke.

Examples of items that refer to Perfect evade or Perfect dodge:

Stamina Cost[edit | edit source]

Almost all types of Evades consume Stamina on use. To use any type of Evade the Traveler has to have at least one Stamina regardless of the Stamina Cost. Meaning that a Traveler with 101 Stamina can perform Light Evade(25 Stamina Cost) five times, while a Traveler with 100 Stamina can perform Light Evade only four times.

Recovery Time[edit | edit source]

Recovery Time is the time it takes, after performing an evade, before the Traveler can perform another action.

Currently there are no items that improve Recovery Time.

Evade Distance[edit | edit source]

Evade Distance is the distance the Traveler is displaced by an evade.

Evade Distance can be increased with:

Evade Speed[edit | edit source]

Evade Speed is the time it takes for the evade animation to finish, shortening recovery time. Increasing Evade Speed does not reduce the Evade Window.

Evade Speed can be increased with:

Evade[edit | edit source]

Type of Evade Invulnerability Frames Evade Window Stamina Cost Recovery Time [1] Evade Distance
Combat Slide 7 frames 0.234 10[2] ~17 frames [3] Short ~3m
Neutral Evade 8 frames 0.267 20[2] 13 frames [4] Short ~2.5m
Light 12 frames 0.4 25 22 frames Long ~5m
Medium 11 frames 0.367 31.25 22 frames Medium ~4m
Heavy 10 frames 0.33 37.5 30 frames Medium ~4m
Flop 15 frames 0.5 43.5 65 frames Short ~3m
Heavy Carry 13 frames 0.43 25[2] 20 frames Short ~2.5
Misty Step 10 frames 0.33 0 27 frames Long ~5m
Wade 10 frames 0.33 75 [2] 23 frames Very Short ~1m
Void Cloak 36[5] frames 1.2[5] 0 22 frames Long ~5m
Blink Evade 10 frames 0. 33 0 TBD Long ~5m[6]
  1. Measured from first evade input.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 With 0 Encumbrance. Cost increases with weight class.
  3. Same for all Weight Categories
  4. Ultra - 39 frames
  5. 5.0 5.1 Duration extends beyond maximum to guarantee the user doesn't get hit.
  6. Distance depends on how long the key is pressed.

Combat Slide[edit | edit source]

Combat Slide can only be performed while sprinting, the Evade Distance can be extended with momentum. The animation ends with the Traveler crouching, due to this it can also be used to evade attacks outside of the evade window.

Neutral Evade[edit | edit source]

In-game descriptions use 3 terms to refer to Neutral Evade: Neutral Dodge, Neutral Evade, and Neutral Backdash.


Flop[edit | edit source]

Flop replaces regular Evade in the Ultra Heavy weight class.

Flop deals 50 base damage to enemies nearby. It's treated as a charged melee attack and triggers abilities such as Tainted Blade, Huntress Spear Corrosion application, and Butcher's Fetish.

Heavy Carry[edit | edit source]

See also: Engineer: Skills

Heavy Carry is when the Traveler is carrying a heavy weapon, such as an Engineer turret. The carrier cannot perform a combat slide, though may benefit from perks and trinkets that effect heavy carry.

Misty Step[edit | edit source]

Ring of Omens grants a Misty Step evade when worn with certain amulets:

  1. Requires The Forgotten Kingdom DLC.

Misty Step removes the Traveler from the world for the entire duration of the animation. While it has an evade window it doesn't actually affect the animation itself. Because of Ring of Omens, Misty Step converts health into grey health instead of costing stamina starting from 15% before stamina cost increases/decreases such as weight class. Weight class is ignored in terms of evade speed, making LIGHT the same speed as ULTRA, only at the increase of stamina (or in this case, health) cost.

Wade[edit | edit source]

Wade replaces all other evade types if the Traveler is submerged in water.

While submerged in water the Traveler can't Combat Slide

While submerged in water Neutral Evade costs 75 Stamina, with Light Armor, which increases with Weight Category.

Swiftness trait affects wade movement speed.

Void Cloak[edit | edit source]

Void Cloak is an Invader Archetype Skill. For the duration of Void Cloak all auto-evades use this profile regardless of Encumbrance. Manual evades will use the regular profile.

Sprint[edit | edit source]

Sprinting costs Stamina per second depending on weight, it increases the movement speed and momentum of the Traveler. After the Traveler runs out of Stamina, they will gradually decelerate before returning to normal speed. Sprinting while submerged the water increases the Stamina cost about 4.4 times.

Weight class Stamina cost per second
Light 8
Medium 10
Heavy 12
Ultra 14

Crouch[edit | edit source]

Crouching costs no Stamina and does not provide invulnerability frames. It can still be used to evade attacks flying above the Traveler's head. Crouching makes the Traveler slower and reduces the amount of noise the Traveler makes allowing for sneaking up on enemies.

Crouching improves Weapons accuracy. This effect does not apply to shotguns.

Worm Hole[edit | edit source]

Worm Hole Invader Skill is a movement skill that displaces the Traveler by temporarily removing them from the world. It triggers perfect evade regardless of whether any attack is evaded.