Brewmaster's Cork

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Brewmaster's Cork
Brewmaster's Cork
Increases active Concoction limit by 2 and reduces all incoming damage by 2% for each active Concoction.
As heavy and bitter as the dark pall that shrouds the king's castle, the nose of the wine that clings to this cork harkens to mulled fruits and sinister musings.
“Oh, no, no, no. I never indulge in such things. Shaedberry wine has a way of loosening the tongue, and loosened tongues are quickly severed in these lands. Many Fae have met their shameful, hastened end by consequence of indulgence.”

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Feastmaster's Signet and Spirited Perk stack with the Brewmaster's Cork.
    • When both are worn, a Level 10 Alchemist can have 7 Concoction buffs active simultaneously.
  • The maximum Damage Reduction that can be provided by this amulet is 20.5%.
    • (2 × 7) + (6.5) = 20.5%

Acquisition[edit | edit source]