Blood Moon Essence

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Blood Moon Essence
Crafting Material
Blood Moon Essence
Your eyes slide off the globe like water. It's as if the thing prevents you from looking at it, feeling it, or even keeping its shape in your mind.
“There are many who believe the Blood Moon means death—and with good reason—but the essence of the Blood Moon is change. And change comes in many forms, though few that are pleasant for the thing that must evolve.”

Blood Moon Essence is a rare crafting material native to Yaesha. It can be found only under the crimson light of the Blood Moon.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Can be exchanged for various items at the Bloodmoon Altar.

Item Type Bloodmoon Essence Cost
Faded Grimoire Material 15 51,500
Soul Anchor Amulet 10 31,000
Soul Guard Ring 5 2750
Knotted Helm Helmet 5 300
Knotted Cage Chest 10 800
Knotted Greaves Legs 7 600
Knotted Gloves Arms 3 250
Blade of Gul Melee Weapon 10 1250
Sanguine Vapor Consumable 1 500

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It costs 66 to purchase every available item at the Bloodmoon Altar.