Blood Moon

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Blood Moon in all its glory as seen from Floating Forests.
A group of Bloodmoon Wisps seen in the Jungles of Yaesha.
““The Blood Moon precedes tumultuous times, in which great villains and heroes are often born or defeated—though whether those times were caused or simply heralded by the Blood Moon is a subject of much debate.”

Blood Moon is a Yaesha specific phenomenon that happens randomly and is not tied to any action performed by the Traveler. During a Blood Moon the moon of Yaesha turns dark red altering the hue of all locations. A Blood Moon lasts for about 30 real-time minutes.

Characters in Yaesha often have unique interactions and voice lines during a Blood Moon.

During Blood Moon Bloodmoon Wisps spawn across Jungles of Yaesha. Upon destroying them each Bloodmoon Wisp drops one Blood Moon Essence which can be used at the Bloodmoon Altar to purchase a variety of items. Bloodmoon Wisps respawn upon each re-entry to an area allowing for an efficient way to quickly acquire a lot of Blood Moon Essence.

Two locations in Yaesha contain secrets only revealed during a Blood Moon: