The Backrooms

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The Backrooms
The Backrooms

The Backrooms is a hidden area in The Labyrinth. It is a reference to the Backrooms, an online creepypasta originating from 4chan. It is described as a liminal space that exists outside the boundaries of reality, and encounters with it are often depicted as eerie or disorienting.

While there are various trinkets scattered throughout The Backrooms, it is widely associated with the Archon Archetype. Finding this location is no simple task; the journey to reaching it was intentionally obfuscated with hints only visible via data mining and developer comments. While players were long aware of the location, the puzzle was ultimately solved[1] by a Discord community known as The Cult of the Door on July 28, 2023.

Accessing the Backrooms[edit | edit source]

To access the Backrooms, the Traveler must have access to all of the following items:

Quest Items[edit | edit source]

Archetypes and Skills[edit | edit source]

Armor[edit | edit source]

Amulet and Rings[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Relic[edit | edit source]

The Labyrinth[edit | edit source]

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Once the Traveler has all the equipment, they will emit a 'corrupted' effect similar to Aberrations. With the effect, head to The Labyrinth. Go to the shifting portal, when you see the portal that looks like a fall into the void, wait around two seconds and go through. In this area you will see the corrupted portal that leads to The Backrooms.

The Backrooms[edit | edit source]

Once through the gate, players will find themselves in The Backrooms with a limited time (5 minutes) to scavenge the maze.

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