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  • Damage92
  • RPS1.7
  • Magazine5
  • Accuracy
  • Ideal Range
  • Falloff Range
  • Max Ammo
  • Critical Hit Chance
  • Weak Spot Damage Bonus
  • Stagger Modifier
Fires heated bits of molten slag. Can be charged to fire a single explosive rod at the cost of causing damage to the wielder while charging.
Loathe The Weak
Rapidly fires volatile needles that explode after 1.5s dealing 30 - 90 explosive damage. Deals additional damage to targets with lower health. Lasts 10s.

Mod Power Requirement: 915
Downloadable content required
This content is only available to owners of: Remnant II: The Awakened King
True to its name, this weapon is nothing more or less than a harbinger of anguish. It hurts to hold, but given what it does to those on the receiving end of its fury, that seems a fair price to pay.
“Malicious intent is usually masked behind a façade of beauty, necessity, or perhaps simple distraction. The Dran, however, are a curious sort. Their little toys and machinations make no attempt to hide their cruel intentions.”

Anguish is a Special Handgun in Remnant 2. It is a sadistic sidearm wrapped in chains and spikes, notable for its association with the obscure Dranception event. Owing to its theme of culling the weak, it deals extra damage toward weakened enemies.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Main article: Damage

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Loathe The Weak deals bonus damage to weak targets, scaling up to double base damage at 10% enemy health.[1]
  • To acquire this weapon in Hardcore Mode, the Traveler must bring their own source of self-damage into the Ethereal Manor.
  • Anguish's charged shot self damage is not affected by Damage reduction.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]


To begin the Dranception event, you will need access to the following areas. These can be individually re-rolled through Adventure Mode, with the exception of Root Earth and The Labyrinth.

If you die at any point, you will have to start over. It is highly recommended to clear the above areas before an attempt.

Steps to Complete

  1. Travel to Losomn and begin the Ethereal Manor injectable. This event can be found in Cotton's Kiln, Butcher's Quarter, the Sunken Haunt, or the Derelict Lighthouse.
  2. While trapped in the manor, use the Liquid Escape to travel to the Corrupted Throne.
  3. Travel to Ward 13 and talk to the Dran near the gate to the Old Ward.
  4. Travel to The Red Throne and enter the building on the right. Follow the hallway to the very end and speak with the Dran.
  5. Travel to Fractured Ingress and talk to the Dran on the bridge above the large portal.
  6. Travel to Forgotten Prison. Talk to the Dran within the chamber preceding the fight with Tal'Ratha.
  7. Travel to Ashen Wasteland. Go past the trainyard and talk with the Dran by the checkpoint.
  8. Travel to The Tormented Asylum and talk to the Dran in the corner. You will receive the Dran's Dream.
  9. Use Dran's Dream to enter the Forgotten Null. You will find the Occult Vessel on the shore next to a sitting Dran.

Update History[edit | edit source]

  • Reduced base damage to 92 (was 105).
  • Reduced charge time needed for perfect charge.
  • Reduced ideal range to 16m (was 18m).
  • UNDOCUMENTED: Increased falloff range to 35m (was 30m).
  • UNDOCUMENTED: Increased max ammo to 35 (was 30).
  • Using Loathe The Weak instantly reloads magazine.
    • Reserve ammo is required.
  • Loathe The Weak mod power requirement increased to 915 (was 500).
  • Adjusted description to mention the hidden damage bonus provided by Loathe The Weak.
  • Adjusted bonus curve for Loathe The Weak.
  • Corrected inconsistent explosive damage scaling for Loathe The Weak.
  • Corrected weapon scaling to properly cap at 3x (was 2x).

December 7, 2023 Patch (Patch 399,597)

November 14, 2023 Patch (Patch 396,261)

  • Anguish was added to the game.

References[edit | edit source]