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Glittering Grotto[edit | edit source]

Upon arriving on Yaesha, the Traveler will find themselves in the Glittering Grotto, their way almost immediately barred by a locked gate. The path splits towards the left, with the lower path hiding a chest guarded by a Livign Stone Kiln and several Living Stone Soldiers. Just as quickly they reconverge in front of a stairway, where several Living Stone Soldiers await, including their Evolved form—as well as a Living Stone Gargoyle.

Before ascending the stairs, the Traveler can explore a section to the right, where the nest of a Kuri Kuri Bird is located. On the same path, the side dungeon of this area can be found by leaping through a waterfall on the left.

At the top of the stairs, the Traveler will find a checkpoint, and Walt—a Pan explorer examining a large mural. Although he will initially dismiss attempts at conversation, he will eventually relent and share his findings about the Lost Tribe, the Pan civilization that built the ruins you are traversing.

Past Walt lies a jump down onto a towering structure, which gives access to the lower levels of the ruins. The path to the right is guarded by Living Stone Kilns, Living Stone Soldiers and sometimes a Living Stone Kiln Mortar. In a collapsed side passage lies a ruined construct, Uuqul, but it only speaks gibberish. At the end of the path lies only a locked door, watched over by a Living Stone Gargoyle.

The other path, to the left, leads past a Stonescarred Spriggan.

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